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    WELCOME to: On The Wings ministry -a teaching/counsel ministry based on Biblical principals for today and exampled in Carnel Baker's book: Pearls on The Wings

    Mission: To help equip individuals by being a resource of guidance and inspiration that provides for spiritual and emotional needs.  That we may be able to comfort those who are in trouble with the comfort that which we ourselves are comforted by God. 2 Corinthians 1:4

    Bringing a deeper Christian approach for today's challenges:     

    On The Wings ministry is about helping others to gather their own pearls for an abundant, joyful, and fulfilled life of overcoming, as shared in book:  Pearls on The Wings.

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                                    Miracles, Personal experience, Inspiration, and Guidance

    Introduction to Pearls on The Wings (More About Book)

    Author:  Carnel Baker, PhD., LPCT.

         Pearls on The Wings is about more than is normally perceived. It’s about going deeper and coming up higher in the kingdom, which is the easy way to an abundant life! Readers will find Pearls on The Wings to be scriptural sound and grounded in living Word for today.  Still, it may stretch some readers’ beliefs in accounts of miraculous events, which some call the divine supernatural.  The publication is non-fiction, where ALL accounts are factual and true experience.  Decades of counseling work with others has shown the need for people to move into a deeper and higher way of living for today’s times and experience miraculous encounters with God.  The deeper Christian approach moves people out of traditional counseling dependency into helpful experience of God and frees those in pains of loss, crisis, grief, depression, stress, loneliness, hopelessness, despair, regret and YES financial stress!   The goal is to help people move forward and beyond only secular counseling to a productive and prosperous way of daily life.  In this, we are enabled to help others, as well..…..that we may be able to comfort those who are in trouble with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God. 2 Cor. 1:4.

         The book casts pearls that are proven by experience for believers to increase awesome and miraculous encounters of God, through Holy Spirit. Numerous ways are given to get in position and receive what God wants to give you.  He is able and willing to delete stress, obstacles, and distractions that keep you from your destiny and His will.  Techniques and examples are provided that cultivate passion for God’s will. In the times we live in, it is a must to increase capacity for discernment causing new conflicts unfolding in the world around us.  God gives spiritual wisdom for today to those who pursue spiritual maturity.

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    Part One: Having an Ear to Hear gives examples of shared personal experiences as examples that seem to move us into the heart of God.  It is about learning and experiencing Him in deeper and higher ways that are possible when we purposely seek Him and His will.   It is about the various and often mysterious ways He helps us.  Part One addresses trials, loss, grief, and overcoming as we listen to His heart and understand how He speaks to us. You will learn quick recovery methods in grief and losses of all kinds.  He brings us into growth where we can have ears to hear in daily walk with Him. We can consistently hear God and gain wisdom for the present and the future.  When we engage in empowered ways of abiding in Him, He speaks to us in words, visions, mental pictures, divine dreams, revelation, prophecy or a sense of urgency for guidance. This is how He leads us and guides us to walk with Him. Fourteen common ways are listed that keep us from hearing God or dismiss it through logical reasoning. Part One also discusses spiritual laws for financial blessings, prosperity proven through experiences of His promises for provision.  Testimonies of multiplication are to encourage readers for their own experience of financial provision. Powerful Kingdom principals are revealed for financial gain and on-going prosperity.  Four basic lessons are given for prosperity success, shown to be an unfailing system of prosperity gain.

    Part Two: The Way of the Divine Supernatural tells true accounts of miraculous help, divine manifestation, and spontaneous healing.  Through obedience we can align with His ways daily, as a way of life.  The increase of international danger is upon us and evil seems to increase and lurk around the corner these days; but the Father is able to protect us!  Accounts of uncommon protection are to assure you and help increase faith.  In this part, you will find how-to's in doing what He commands and desires of us.  As we seek Him and His ways He shows us more.  You will learn how to discover and create ALL your God-given desires. You will see how in aligning our desires with His desires, that He truly gives us the desires of our hearts!  Ten steps are provided to receive visions and direction in His will.

    Part Three: Where heaven and earth meet addresses what Jesus said, “When you pray, say:….on earth as in heaven.”  Luke 11:2   This section explains heaven in our earth space that He provides for us and where He meets us.  The kingdom of heaven within indicates we can experience a portion of heaven while on this earth!  Part three also discusses angels of God in the heavenly where heaven and earth meet.  “For He will command His angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways. (Psalm 91:11 NIV)  Angels are explained in accordance with scripture and readers will be made aware of the increase in recent accounts of real angels, sent by God for a need.  Guidance for prayer journaling is suggested and examples are given that can literally change your life!  This part also includes eight short empowered prayers as examples to inspire readers’ prayer life.  Part Three ends with helpful and healing words that I received during daily prayer journaling and devotion—words of value that elevate us to the divine.  I believe they will bring hope and encouragement to others, as they did me: God wants to talk to us! He gives us words for our times and prompts us to share with others.  Over time, we change, time changes, but He never changes......More About Book 

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